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Monday, February 23, 2009

Last.fm says "Techcrunch are full of shit"

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On Friday night, Techcrunch posted that Last.fm handed over user listening data to the RIAA. Not much evidence was provided, but with the popularity of Techcrunch, it can be assumed that Last.fm would take a hit to its user-base (even if the story was untrue.)

But Last.fm wasn't pulling any punches when they stated today: "Techcrunch are full of shit."

A few things to consider:

a) Last.fm giving the RIAA any information that could link users to certain tracks, aside from Last.fm usernames, would be suicide for the company.

b) You're an idiot if you scrobble leaked tracks.

c) Scrobbled tracks are public! Anyone can see them, genius. Just pick an artist and click on "Listeners", no need for Last.fm to give them anything else.

I seriously doubt Last.fm would risk their userbase, even if they are owned by CBS.